CONTACT NEBTR: Please contact the following. Adoption Inquiries and Existing Applicant Liason: If your last name is A-H: Tammy Trivelpiece. If your last name is I-Q: Jeannine Rosolie. If your last name is R-Z: Vicki Cuneo. If you need to surrender a dog, contact Jerrilyn Walter. For all other inquiries and general questions: Joy Riley.

Out and About With NEBTR

In Memory Of:

  • In memory of Big Al Carrier to Christopher and Lisa Carrier by Paola Pacella and Patrick Simcock
  • In memory of Babe Quinlan, the best dog ever, to Alma Quinlan by Ray and Arlene Rau
  • In memory of Sadie to Lonni Michelson Prince by Brian and Holly Michelson
  • In memory of Tully Lewis to Amanda Lewis by the Lewis Family
  • In memory of Junior Evans to Drew Evans by Dale Stull Demy
  • In memory of Coopernicus, with much love from Jeanne and Abigail, to Ginny Murphy
  • In memory of Dearest Dotty to Maria Pastuszak from Jeanne Dross
  • In memory of Joe to Alesha Heil and Josh Berlin by Bethany & Sameer Adhikari
  • In memory of Bandit to Cynthia and Craig Musselman by Chris D’Argenio
  • In memory of Guiness by Susan and Scott to Sasha Tracy
  • In memory of Gwen Saunders by John Conti and Diane Beal to Sarah and Tom Fullen
  • In memory of Obee Puskar by Michelle Patel to Sara Puskar
  • In memory of Laurie Paavola, Lifetime member and friend of the Tri-Angle Boston Terrier Breeders Club, to Glenn Boyd, from the Tri-Angle Boston Terrier Breeders Club
  • In memory of Petey Marciano by Karen Dullea to Susan Marciano
  • In memory of Maud Bianca Chase Jones, by Kimberly Snow and Noel Paasch to Annie Chase Jones
  • In memory of Frieda Helsel to Ethel Hammer, by Michelle Fray
  • In memory of Alice R. Lynch, by Ellen Moschel to Rob, Katie, and Jes Lynch
  • In memory of  Ethel Mintz by Cleansing Service Group  to Melissa Mintz
  • In memory of Herschel, my forever foster, by Jeanne Dross
  • In memory of Miss Emrys, the Beauty of the Beasts, to Kathy Esposito, by Mary Lou and Bill Rothwell
  • In memory of Diane Dilzell, to John Dilzell by Margaret Hendricksen
  • In memory of Diane Dilzell, by Norm Goldberg
  • In memory of Rocky, to Mary Zaborskis, by Jazmin
  • In memory of our beloved Blaze, who we lost 2 years ago today by the Wildes Family
  • In memory of our Boston Gertie by the Michelsons
  • In memory of Baxter to Bronwyn and Sean Taggart by Kim Elliott
  • In memory of Daniel Malcolm Hansen. beloved son of NEBTR volunteer, Ellen Hansen, who passed on November 2, 2014. Our prayers go out to Ellen and her family for their tragic loss, from the NEBTR Community
  • In memory of Kayla to the Graci Family by Jennifer Hanly and Deanna Yurack
  • In memory of Sasha to Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Sarcone by Jennifer Hanly
  • In memory of Nancy Otto to Cindy Kapanowski by Robert and Sandra Amsterdam
  • In memory of Lucy to the Phillips Family by Wendy and Barney McLaughlin
  • In memory of Buster Vickers to the Vickers Family by Lauren Paris
  • In memory of Petey to Carol Hagarty from Wendy & Jon Kaufman
  • In memory of Lulu to Beth Nelson from Her Desmone Family
  • In memory of Rosie by Jeanne Dross
  • In memory of Ellie Mae to Sherry Florentino by Nicole Florentino.
  • In memory of Schroeder by Susan Kerr.
  • In memory of Bailey (9/24/2013) and in honor of our Coco (newly adopted) by Bill and Frances Weaver.
  • In memory of our Buster by Rob Franke. “Abused, cast out, but never bowed.  We had ten years teaching you that the days of closed fists were over.  Mom and I hope that in the end you felt loved.  When you passed it took a huge chunk out of our hearts.  We will see you in Valhalla.”
  • This is from my late Boston Terrier who passed away Sept 1, 2013 suddenly. She was 11 years old. She taught me so much and I was so proud of her! Patsy, I would like to help You Beautiful Girl…I am so proud of You too! Hugs to You and Your Foster Mom! Cindy Boberskyj
  • This donation is to help Patsy and we are giving it in memory of our beloved rescued Poodle, Bailey, who crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Tuesday, 9/24/2013. We had him for 13-1/2 years and loved him very much.  Bill & Frances Weaver
  • In memory of Suzie, who kicked lymphoma, but didn’t make it through complications of an unrelated surgery… At almost 12, gone too soon… by J. Stark
  • In memory of In memory of our precious Anabel, who passed away this past August at the age of 15 1/2 plus. We miss her dearly.  Karen A. Williamson
  • “Beloved Shadow, who owned Karyn and her family. He was loved by all and his loss is deeply felt.” To Karyn Moskowitz, by Irene Siegel
  • In memory of Scooter Peters to Jen and Wes Peters by The Morgans
  • In memory of my Boston Lulu by Maria Sorce
  • In memory of my little Boston love bug Murphy from Jenn
  • In memory of angel Sydney From Kiera and Brennan
  • In memory of Mia from Cindy B
  • In memory of their sweet Boston Chance to Jody and Vinny Nichilo by Terry and Ron Petroski
  • In memory of my precious Lucy, the love of my life, by Diane Cronin
  • In memory of Susan Rizzo to Toni Rizzo by Irene Siegel
  • In memory of Kira by her Foster Mom Diane Laudani
  • In memory of Ed and Lois Williams to Brian Williams by Sybil Williams
  • In memory of Nitro to Lisa Vaughan by Jodi Groff
  • In memory of Gabby to Joan and Tom Brown by Becki Meiss
  • In memory of Emma by Eileen Woodford
  • In memory of Stella Kovac to Jill and Dave Kovac by Karyn Barrett
  • In memory of Mami and Pugsley by their Mom, Tammy Trivelpiece
  • In memory of Bugsy Butler to Gary and Kerry Giebler by Adam and Erin Hill
  • In memory of Christopher to Stacie Zibel by Thomas & Margaret Noble
  • In memory of Ruthie to Pamela Preston by Thomas & Margaret Noble
  • In memory of Tootsie to Katie Cleary & Dennie Scott by Thomas & Margaret Noble
  • In memory of Carl C. Daniel to Diana Daniel by Irene Siegel
  • In memory of Robert E. Hoffmann by Sherri Greene
  • In memory of Riggs by Lynne Anderson to Sheryl Trent
  • In memory of Sully Infantino by Lynne Infantino
  • In memory of Bob Thelin Davison to The Davison Family by Alexandra Thelin
  • In memory of Flora to Rebecca Gordon and Michael Propper by Lindsay and Peter Nofelt
  • In memory of Guinness, BISS Am/Can CH Nipmuc’s Mystic Brew, to Cyndi Bussey, by Thomas and Margaret Noble
  • In memory of Alan Marcus, to Barbara Marcus, by Jane Masterson
  • In memory of Alan Marcus, to Barbara Marcus, by MHLS – 1st Department
  • In memory of Marie Rizzo, to Toni Rizzo, by Irene Siegel
  • In memory of Dozer, beloved Boston Terrier of Debbie Kasprzak, by Joy Riley
  • In memory of Leia Marie LaTorre Davide, to Linda and Fred Horowitz and family, by Merle Borenstein & Gregg Barbarino
  • In memory of my foster Terry from Jodi, Wilbs and Molly
  • In memory of Madge by her Foster Mom Cynthia Kaiser
  • In memory of Beloved Bostons of Jennifer and Mary Welsch
  • In memory of Aunt Vera, to George Scott, by Elly and Guy Monfett
  • In memory of Tasha by Ron and Michelle Zappulla
  • In memory of Drew Calvert by Martha Giammatteo
  • In memory of Buster, loved by Diane Hawkey, from Vivian Daly
  • In memory of Gertie, loved by Jeanne Stewart and Terry Pow, from Margaret Noble
  • In memory of Bergamot, loved by Kathy Esposito and Todd Dzicek, from Margaret Noble
  • In memory of Manual Vigario, loving father of Preciosa Vigario, from Irene Siegel
  • In memory of Timmy Bisbee from Phillip Alden
  • In memory of Murphy Codey from Sarah Goldman
  • In memory of Phoebe from Sarah Gray
  • In memory of Yoda, by Jodi Groff
  • In memory of Jeter, by Lori Fabian
  • For Dear Little Mami, in memory of my sweet Phoebe, who made my world a happy place! – Linda Gray
  • In memory of Mallory, part of the Jacobson Family, by The Staff of Farmingville Animal Hospital
  • In memory of Jack Manza from the Thelin/Davison Family
  • In memory of Boston Terrier of BJ Gamboa, by Vivian Daly
  • In memory of Charlie (Char Char) Groff from Aunt Jodi and Wilbs
  • In memory of Leia Marie LaTorre Davide from Merle Borenstein and Gregg Barbarino
  • In memory of my Daisy from Amy Peters
  • In memory of Roscoe Peledge from Kathleen Higgins

A Paws to You Award


This is our new award for recognition of those donors who have gone above and beyond in supplying gifts for our fosters. Many of them have come with nothing, and need every essential – plus a few toys and treats to make them happy! We recognize these special people with our A Paws to You Award, and know that we are proud that you have chosen us and our dogs for your wonderful gifts. We are truly blessed to have you support NEBTR.


Both Eileen Giltz and Ryan Csolak have also been added to our Gold Bone Society, which recognizes donors who have contributed $1000 or more.  They join an incredible roster of supporters, without whom we could not do the work that we do.





Ryan Csolak of MultiPet International – Thank you to Ryan for supporting the new foster packages. When new fosters come in, they often come in with nothing and NEBTR puts together a package of toys and treats so that the dog can have something all their own. Ryan is the owner and creative designer and distributer for “awesome “ dog and cats toys. He sent NEBTR 3 huge boxes of toys, beds and chews. There are well over 300 stuffed, unstuffed, squeaky cool toys, and some of them are famous; we have Rocky the Squirrel, the Pink Panther and other assorted characters! Thank you Ryan – we give you a big “A-Paws” of thanks for your generosity.



Eileen Giltz – Supporter of NEBTR – Thank you Eileen, for supporting our new foster packages with your constant generosity of buying out the WishList! Eileen, on several occasions, has bought out the foster wish list; this wish list is put together so that when new fosters come in, there are toys and treats we can send them. A small package is individually put together for each dog and it’s all their own and often all they have. On Mothers’ Day, Eileen decided her mother had everything she could possibly want so she decided to take the money and spend it on our dogs and has consistently done that week after week. Toys, a full carton of Greenies, a full carton of Bully Sticks and so much more! Thank you Eileen – we give you a big “A-Paws” of thanks for your constant support and love for our rescues.


lehigh 10400253_10153309607181791_1580361336420453869_n

Thanks to Boston Terrier Lehigh Valley for the many dog goodies for our foster dogs.  This has totaled over $1,000.  Members get together for BT play dates, and it sounds like they have a blast. 🙂

Walter Williams Paintings

NEBTR member Walter Williams was instrumental last summer in initiating our Senior Trust, which provides medical support for our wonderful Seniors.  We all have a special place in our hearts for those Senior Bostons, who, through no fault of their own, find themselves without a home and in need of expensive medical care.

But starting this program, which has already helped numerous Seniors, Walter also is donating his talent and creating digital portraits of beloved pets.  Walter will paint your loved boston for FREE (with the hope you might give a donation to the senior trust fund.) He sits in photoshop and a win 8 painting program and hand paints your Boston looking at your favorite photograph, so give him your best one! It takes hours to complete but then you have a nice painting suitable to frame, once he sends you the 240 pixels per inch image in the email.

If you are interested, send Walter Williams a friend request on Facebook and contact him there.  Since only 72 px/in. is possible on Facebook, remember to ask him to send you the 240 pixels per inch rendering.

NEBTR thanks Walter profusely for the extraordinary efforts he continually makes to raise funds for our rescued Bostons, in particular the Senior Trust Fund that was created due to his relentless energy on their behalf.  The paintings you donate and the donations we receive for them are just another example of your generosity.

We are grateful for your support, your time, your imagination and talent, but mostly for your shared love of this beautiful breed.

You can purchase a painting of your favorite pet at the NEBTR store by clicking this link.

Gold Bone Society


Our heartfelt thanks to those special donors who have joined our “Gold Bone Society” with their gifts to NEBTR of $1000.00 or more.  It is people like you who enable us to help Boston Terriers in need, and who make our success stories possible.

All Gold Bone Society members will receive the beautiful pin pictured above.  Sheryl Trent, NEBTR President writes, “Our Bostons and NEBTR are so grateful for the many supporters we have to continue our work, but there are some, like yourself, who consistently and generously make donations that we would like to honor.  You are a member of our Gold Bone society and we hope you enjoy this pin and wear it with the pride with which we send it.”

    • George and Carol DeRocker and Lenny
    • Irene Siegel
    • Ellen and Lowell Thelin and Turbo
    • Ethan Mason
    • Walter and Marguerite Williams
    • Amy Angelo – donated proceeds from “Bites for Bostons,” Gracie and Angel MomMom
    • Dr. Diane Ford, of Dr. Diane’s Mobile Veterinary Service, PA
    • Dr. John Fedina, of Veterinary Medical Center, Caldwell, NJ
    • Jerrilyn Walter
    • Jeanne Dross and Rosie
    • Cynthia and Craig Musselman
    • Janis Doland
    • Debbie Philpott
    • Loretta and Joe Miner
    • Allentown Animal Clinic, Allentown PA
    • Gail Stone, Stone’s Accounting
    • Madison’s Mission and Betty Ann Manganello
    • Jackie Bushong Martin, Deborah Dolan, Donna Rooney Gaschel
    • Angel Carlson, LuLu and Wally,  and Natura Pet Products
    • Alexandra Calderwood
    • Shawn Goodyear
    • Jeff Valois, For the Love of Boston Photography Project
    • Erin Sullivan and Petco
    • Jusani Culture
    • WagAware
    • Stacie Kyle
    • Sara Puskar
    • Eileen Giltz
    • Ryan Csolak
    • BJ Capelli and Leslie Poprik
    • Christine Cassner
    • Kristy Ieraci Hartman
    • Debbi Cochran of the Mona Pants Foundation
    • Jennifer Hartline
    • Marilyn Morgan Holzerline
    • Rebecca McIntire
    • Moira and Tony Shortway, Bug’s Black and White Parade
    • Christa Faust, in honor of her Best Boston Buddy Butch
    • Amanda Spence
    • Strausie and Tom Stephens
    • Boston Terrier Lehigh Valley
    • Johnny Ramos
    • Leo’s Helping Paws
    • John A. Gagliardi
    • George Hamway
    • Bethany Vaughn
    • Maureen Kull


John A. Gagliardi was in the vet’s lobby when one of our fosters went in for an appointment.  He struck up a conversation with the foster (Maria).

This man, a stranger to us all, took the bill, a total of over $2,000 and paid it right then and there for NEBTR.  Talk about amazing!



1932449_876511772361679_3259135695973608525_n BJ Capelli and Leslie Poprik, a musician and teacher from Pennsylvania were $250,000 winners in the Wells Fargo What Makes A Home contest! Watch their winning entry here, featuring their Boston Terrier Berklee: .  They made a $3,000 donation to NEBTR from their winnings and we thank them so much for thinking of us.







camera 148

Gracie Pickles

mom mom 3 months home











Thanks to Jennifer Hartline and Marilyn Morgan Holzerland

Special thanks to Jennifer Hartline and Marilyn Morgan Holzerland at Help If You Can for raising $3,154 for the Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue through their auction.  NEBTR is extremely thankful for their generosity, and Jennifer and Marilyn have been added as permanent members to the Gold Bone Society.  Thanks as well to everyone who donated items to the auction and who purchased items.

In Honor Of:

  • In honor of Jody and Vinny.  Happy holidays.  Chance, another Christmas without you, but you are always in our hearts, from Mr. and Mrs. V. Nichilo
  • Maya arriving at NEBTR by April Braun
  • Jean Guyon by Claudette Martin
  • Noble Bostons, to Margaret Noble, from Billie Jo Edwards
  • Christa Faust in honor of her Best Boston Buddy, Butch
  • In honor of Bentley Josephine to Tracey and Gregg Peterson by Jane Marcus
  • In honor of Walter and Winston by Mark Lacey
  • In honor of Chance, to Jody and Vinny, Merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year from Terry and Ron Petroski
  • A graduation gift for Chad Hammerly for giving Max a furever home from Dianna Kraynick
  • In honor of Festivus to Alexis Durham by Earl Conee
  • In honor of Darris Wohlforth by Christina Wohlforth
  • Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year, with all our love, to Vinny and Jody Nichilo from Ron and Terry Petroski
  • Happy holidays to Jody and Vinnie Nichilo from Joann Riccardi and Joyce Peters
  • The marriage of Caitlin and Brad Hewitt, in honor of their Boston Leo, as a wedding favor
  • In honor of Shawn Goodyear by Prudential
  • In honor of Cindy Kaiser by Maureen and Tim McMullen
  • In honor of the birthday of Cindy Seelig from Linda Kostora
  • In honor of Walter Williams by Cynthia Kaiser
  • In honor of Walter Williams by Donna Gaschel
  • In honor of Sumo by Melissa Mintz
  • Kathy Herr by Joan Groh
  • Walter Williams by Robert Lee
  • Linda Wichlac and her Boston Terrier rescue Sassy by Maria Grove
  • Rex’s third Gotcha Day by SuzAnne Bollinger
  • The wedding  of Amanda Pontarellal and Kerri Tiermini by Christine and Mike Conolly
  • By David Wills in honor of Greta
  • In honor of Jerrilyn Walter by Dawn Palo
  • Gift for Uncle Fester by Alyssa Hartley, age 10, with money she raised
  • In honor of Bandit by Ginny Murphy
  • Holiday gift from Lucy and Brady of the Woof Board
  • Holiday gift to Doris Cepil from Kristin Cepil
  • In honor of the friends and family of Meghan and Matt.  Thanks for sharing our wedding – Meghan and Matt of Forest Hill, Maryland
  • One of NEBTR’s fans, Misty Sutton, who wished that for her birthday on October 20, donations would be made to the Bostons, from Tonela Roshan
  • The Marriage of Betty Brevi and Dave Akin from Kevin Kitowski
  • Holiday girft to Dana Spinella from Penny Paul
  • Holiday gift to Alma Bettencourt from Ellen Thelin
  • Holiday gift to Ardis Cavin from Ellen Thelin
  • Holiday gift to Carolyn McCarthy from Ellen Thelin
  • Holiday gift to Evelyn Ackley from Ellen Thelin
  • Holiday gift to Mike and Stacey Pravec from Ellen Thelin
  • Holiday gift to Bess Weatherman & Andrew Duncan from Mary and Richard Haley
  • Holiday gift to Bonnie and Joe Shuba from Elizabeth and John Shuba
  • Bentley from the Vasquez family: “Please accept this donation as a small thank you.  Though our attempt with Bentley didn’t work with our existing babies, we are happy Linda Antonelli was able to find a forever home for him.  We have been in contact with his new family and are so happy he has a great new family who are providing as much love as we had for him.  Please use this donation to help Kira get the help she needs.  We have posted pictures of our Kennedy & Lucy on the Facebook page for your viewing.  Thank you for everything you do to help us both doggy’s and humans.  From the Vasquez Family – George, Lily, Goerge II, Kennedy & Lucy, our babies.”
  • Skeeter, her 11 year old Boston Terrier, by Heather Mallon
  • Lucy Shea from Katelyn Peanut Shea
  • The marriage of Casey Kockler – donation in lieu of favors
  • Love to Uncle Fester. Jonathan and his Bostie, Mocha
  • God Bless and heal this dear dog. Sending prayers and hugs! – Sharon Culp
  • Get well, Uncle Fester! You’re cute, sweet, and deserve a loving home! – Courtney Bishop

In Memory of Berklee



We send our deepest sympathy to BJ Capelli and Leslie Poprik.  They are not only fans of our page and huge supporters of our rescues, they are also winners of the Wells Fargo, “What Makes a Home” contest! And that’s not all – their now famous BT, Berklee, is one of the stars of the film and he plays the tambourine! Berklee donated his share of the winning prize money to NEBTR.

 We have just learned of  Berklee’s passing. He was a supporter as well as a donor to NEBTR. He was featured in a prize winning video attached here. Thank you for all the smiles you brought to NEBTR fosters and their families Berklee. You will not be forgotten by those you loved, and those you helped. RIP

Thank you so much for caring for all the dogs, Berklee, that didn’t have a home – your generosity helped a lot of dogs. Please take care of all of them in heaven who have passed, you are a wonderful ambassador. RIP

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY, NJ, PA, CT and DE and serves Boston Terriers in need within reach of our helping hands. Most dogs in foster care for placement are adolescent to adult dogs in need of re-homing in life for a multitude of reasons and will need caring hands to guide them as they transition into new homes. All of our rescue dogs are fostered and evaluated for a 2 week minimum to allow us to assess their personality and provide them with basic foundation skills - House/Crate training, basic manners - to ease their transition into new homes. It is our belief such work in foster care better prepares dogs for success and helps forms lasting bonds.