CONTACT NEBTR: Please contact the following. Adoption Inquiries and Existing Applicant Liason: If your last name is A-H: Tammy Trivelpiece. If your last name is I-Q: Jeannine Rosolie. If your last name is R-Z: Vicki Cuneo. If you need to surrender a dog, contact Jerrilyn Walter. For all other inquiries and general questions: Joy Riley.

Out and About With NEBTR

In Honor of Meredith Festa

Congratulations to Meredith Festa, who is the recipient of a check from JP Morgan Chase Foundation honoring her volunteer work in the amount of $1000! Meredith and Matt Festa are tireless workers and foster parents for NEBTR, and what they have done for Uncle Fester is a story unto itself. Thank you very much from all of us!

In Memory of Molly Moo

Thanks to Jodi Groff, who has made a gift to the NEBTR in memory of a very special girl, Molly Moo, who was the forever foster of two even more special people, Vicki and Nick Rowe.  Below is the tribute they wrote to Miss Moo.

Molly came to NEBTR in Aug 2009 two weeks shy of her 11th birthday.  She was diagnosed with Cushings and due to those medical complications we kept her as a permanent foster.  She spent the next year and a half with us learning how to snuggle and be an important part of our family.  She yodeled and danced like a little dancing queen when she wanted a cookie. She was a pleasure to sing with and she even filled in end of phrases for me!  When we took in Ori, our 3-legged puppy mill mama, Molly taught her how to be a dog.  Ori watched Molly’s every step and action and it was Molly’s confidence and ways that helped Ori to relax and “learn the ropes.”  Molly never gave up on being a part of our family.  She loved to chew on bones, bully’s and later zuke z ridges, always enjoying what was given to her.  She traveled with us often and was a model doggy citizen loving time in nature and time with a pack of other dogs.  We thought we were here to help her, but as usual, she helped us in more ways than we can ever express.  Sweet dreams Miss Moo, we will always remember you and the love you faithfully gave to our little family…

Nick and Vicki

Walmart, Quakertown, PA


We will be having three fundraisers at the Walmart on Route 309 in Quakertown PA.

1st event is Saturday October 18 from 8:30 – 4:30 pm
2nd event is Saturday November 15 from 8:30 – 4:30 pm
3rd event is Saturday December 13 from 8:30 – 4:30 pm

Please stop by an join us!  You will get a chance to meet some of us and our pups!

Also, if you are able to help out, NEBTR could definitely use your assistance!  There are two entrances that need to be manned and we will need at least 6 people.

Bring a chair, warm clothes, gloves, warm boot and your Boston.
The event is rain or shine. I have canopies to shelter us from the weather.

Just send an email to if you are able to help.

Mark your calendar and we hope to see you there!

NEBTR Fund Raiser

Selling Wine Jelly and other items

Thanks Boston Terrier Party of MA

NEBTR wants to send a huge THANK YOU to the members of the Boston Terrier Tea Party of MA for their generous donation of $3,000 to help our rescued Bostons.  With a large number of surgeries coming up, this wonderful gift is certainly much appreciated!

In Memory of Brody

 Thank you so much to Carolyn McCarthy for her generous gift in memory of her former foster Brody.  Carolyn writes, “Brody was the most forgiving and loving boy.  Although he was only with us for a very short time, we miss him every day!

Brody was a senior stray with a most severe case of a perianal hernia when Carolyn opened her heart and home to help him.  She brought him through two surgeries to try to fix the hernia but it was so far gone his organs were coming through and beyond salvage.  Each day the bond between Carolyn and Brody grew as each day he slowly declined.

For Brody, his journey ended with Carolyn but embraced with love and gentle care while she battled to help him recover.  It is she who grieves for him, not the people who left him to fend on the streets.   For all of our other fosters, with all of their quirks and differences, or just fallen on hard times, we all are committed to making sure they will never be unwanted again.

Holiday Tribute Cards

NEBTR is happy to offer HolidayTribute Cards again for the upcoming holiday season.  They are folded cards, with a cute doggy graphic on the front, and a space on the inside for you to fill in the name of the person you are honoring and your signature.

They come in packages of 5 for $27.00 and 12 for $54.00, which includes shipping and handling to your home. You buy a pack of either size by clicking on the Paypal button below.  We send you your package.  You fill in your honoree’s name and your signature and mail it to them.  They will receive the card from you, knowing that your gift in their name will go toward helping out Boston Terriers in need.  What better gift is there than helping out a homeless animal?

Check out a sample of the card below.  And remember, your gift is tax deductible since we are a qualified non-profit organization.

Orders for holiday tribute cards must be received by November 10, and will be shipped out to arrive at your home by December 5, in time for your holiday mailing.

Number of Cards

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY, NJ, PA, CT and DE and serves Boston Terriers in need within reach of our helping hands. Most dogs in foster care for placement are adolescent to adult dogs in need of re-homing in life for a multitude of reasons and will need caring hands to guide them as they transition into new homes. All of our rescue dogs are fostered and evaluated for a 2 week minimum to allow us to assess their personality and provide them with basic foundation skills - House/Crate training, basic manners - to ease their transition into new homes. It is our belief such work in foster care better prepares dogs for success and helps forms lasting bonds.