Madison’s Mission

Madison’s Mission

Kindness brings warmth on a wintry day.

On November 01, 2010 due to illness, I lost my sweet Boston Terrier, Madison Hunter. In 2012 Madison’s Mission was established in her memory. One of the goals of Madison’s Mission is to help Boston Terriers needing health and behavioral care as well as the needs of those being placed in foster care.

Madison’s Mission chooses to assist Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) with their financial needs. For a multitude of reasons, NEBTR takes dogs into foster care for re-homing. Their caring hands guide the dogs into new homes where they receive love, attention, health and behavioral care. This may be for the first time in the dog’s life.

Madison’s Mission is taking on a challenge to financially help NEBTR. Please send to Madison’s Mission a Valentine’s Day card with a monetary donation. Checks can be made to NEBTR enclosed in the card. All of your generous donations received will be given to NEBTR.

So what happens to all the Valentine’s Day Cards??? They will be donated to Meals On Wheels Association. The home bound citizens will receive one of your lovely cards. I approached the local Meals On Wheels Association, they were thrilled and excited to know the home bound community would receive such special cards. Please feel free to write a personal message in the card.

I invite you to join Madison’s Mission’s Challenge by sending your cards and monetary donation to the address below by February 10, 2017.

Help bring some warmth during these cold days of winter to the Boston Terriers and the home bound community.

Madison’s Mission/NEBTR
1900 Empire Blvd
Webster, NY 14580-1993