From Poocheychef, our own Chris Schezzini:

From our Doggy Chef Kitchen we offer Amazing Homemade Dog Treats specially made with your Pooch’s happiness in mind. Our own little pooches eagerly supervise and taste test everything we produce. They have given our treats a paws up!

We offer Dog Treats for the Small, Medium and Large Dog. Our Treats include Snickerpoodles, Peanut Butter Banana Drops, and Dried and Sweet Potato Chips. We also offer Doggy Treats that have been dipped in yogurt and gently sprayed with yummy sprinkles.

Put an extra wag in your Dog’s tail and order these Treats today!

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Let me tell you how this all came about…

I rescue Boston Terriers and started baking my own treats for my pups a few years ago. My dogs loved them, my neighbor’s dogs loved them, and the trail just continued! I was thrilled to have so many pups enjoying my treats! All of my treats are baked fresh and have a lot of natural ingredients too! I am always here to answer your questions, feel free to message me, I would love to help you choose the perfect treats for your best friends! I love what I do and I hope you will love it here too!