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All Organic Balm


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All Organic Balm


This works well on dogs as well as people.  But don’t share a container with your dog….lol.

Use as you would chap stick on your own lips, just a small dab rubbed onto your dog’s nose works wonders.

Made with all natural ingredients.  Not intended to be ingested, but is not toxic if ingestion occurs.  Each batch is produced as they are ordered.
4 screw top containers for $6.

Here is an unsolicited testimonial from a customer!

We just bought the organic balm.  I bought it on a whim when I saw 
your FB post about Stan needing some work.  To us it is a miracle 
balm.  Our Rex has nose skin like a rhino.  We've tried everything on it.  The vet can't treat it because Rex is very prone to pneumonia and we can't risk adding any meds that would affect his immune system.  
We've been using the balm for a week and two big chunks of tough nose hide have dropped off revealing actual nose skin!  And he loves it so it's easy to apply.
Thought you would like to know how great it is.
Happy holidays!
Janice Boyer



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