Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Senior Buster

Buster was turned into a shelter on his 15th birthday. He was understandably confused and upset. Why had the family who he had loved and been loyal to all his life do this to him? Being blind made things even more difficult for him.

Fortunately for Buster, NEBTR stepped in and he had a wonderful foster mom in Strausie Stephens. She helped him to become pain free and helped him to maneuver around his new surroundings without sight. She gave him tactile clues to help him find his way around the house and yard.

Buster was a very “cool” old soul and his foster mom took him on many journeys, and his last year was his happiest.

Buster, you knew that you were safe and sound, and many thanks to Strausie for loving him.   Below is a beautiful tribute to Buster, by Stacie Kyle.

 Here is a link to Busters Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with  his Foster Mom.

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