Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Dakota

Dakota¬† had quite a journey. He was originally surrendered to NEBTR when he was attacked by a dog in his first home. Since he had severe vision loss from cataracts, it was difficult for him to manage his way around other dogs. There’s a little part of his ear missing and a slight droop to the left side of his face, but his spirit wasn’t damaged at all. NEBTR found a great home for him for the next 5 years until his owner went into a nursing home, and the owner’s family took him in. Although they promised to care for him, he ended up at a shelter shortly after, blind and 10 years old.

Another rescue pulled him by the time NEBTR had tracked him down, and two wonderful volunteers each took a turn housing and transporting him to his final foster destination. He was introduced slowly, and learned his way around the house one room at a time, and was walked in the fenced in yard until he was able to find his way back to the door. He gets along well with his new fur siblings, as they are all around retirement age. He is especially fond of his 14yr old sister, and often takes naps and cuddles with her.

Since he came into rescue, he’s also had some weakness in his back legs. It was slight at first, like his front legs knew where they wanted to go but the back ones weren’t sure. But he’s slowing down, and it takes him awhile to get his legs working in the morning. He’s also starting to turn his right back paw under some times, and his stance is lower in the back. He can’t be left unsupervised at all because of his unsteadiness, unless he’s confined to a single room with several pillows and beds on the floor. He goes potty outside if taken often enough, but he has to pee more often now and sometimes he doesn’t know he’s doing it.

His cataracts have caused some issues with his eyes, and he was under the treatment of an ophthalmologist for 6 months, trying to save his right eye. The lens tilted forward, and the cataract was leaking inside his eye. It became so fragile that even the daily routine of medicines couldn’t help anymore. Although he was a trooper through all of it, he ended up losing the eye.

His foster home doesn’t mind the accidents, or using diapers or maybe getting wheels for him, as he’s the sweetest old man ever. Whatever needs done to keep him happy. He had a dental recently and lost some weight, so foster mom has been cooking rice and other treats for him to keep the pounds on. NEBTR has put in a lot into his medical costs, and this wonderful old soul would be lost without their support. He likely needs a chiropractor or acupuncture to care for the narrowing of his spine that’s causing the accidents and weakness in his hind legs. His little back is arching and his body is struggling to keep up with his mind.

His eye healed very well and he doesn’t scratch at it, so he got his cone off early and gets a little facial each morning with a warm cloth (he loves it). He also sleeps in mom’s bed every night, and doesn’t even snore. His nose is probably 10x better than a bloodhound’s when there are treats around, and he loves his snacks. When he wakes up in the morning, he can’t wait to give kisses and play. He barks until he gets his little stuffie toy and his breakfast, then takes a nap. His tiny pointy bump of a tail still wags each day, and we know he’s happy.