Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Senior Gizmo



“It’s been some time since we updated everyone on Gizmo’s condition,  especially his sponsors and folks who visit his page regularly. I think we have been slow to update because it has been very hard for those of us who love him to grasp the seriousness of the situation. Gizmo is a “Fospice” – a foster hospice dog who will live out what time he has left with his foster family. As you know, he has Congestive Heart Failure and 6 months ago, when he was diagnosed, he had skin and ear problems as well. We are happy to say, that due to the special diet that his foster mom feeds him, they have gone away AND drum roll… it has been 6 months that he is still with us since he went into heart failure.

However, there is a fluid in his chest making him cough. He has follow up cardiologist appointment next week and those are expensive and is on 4 meds 2x a day and one of them is $100 a month. He is comfortable for now but I’m not sure how much longer he will have his vet who said she would come to my house when it is “time” so he can be in one of his favorite spots. He’s a strong boy and will still be playful sometimes. I’m hoping he will be with us a while still. ”

 Here is a link to Gizmo’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.


Gizmo is a 9 year old senior with chronic skin and ear infections.  Foster mom Jami Gonyea says that Gizmo is a “very, very good boy!”  And “Despite his tough situation he is an absolute love. Good with everything and everyone- grown- ups, children, dogs, cats, etc.”

He came in with severe yeast and bacterial infections of his ears and skin that took 3 rounds of treatment to clear up. His Mom switched him to Orijen and that has made a tremendous change. He saw a cardiologist in Albany who diagnosed his degenerative valve disease through testing and put him on medication to try to slow the disease process and him going into congestive heart failure. We were told the medication might affect his kidney’s and to follow up with his regular vet for blood work after 2 weeks. When we went to see her she noted that between the 2 appointments he had sadly gone into CHF and added another medication to help with the fluid build up. Then we got a call to tell us that according to the blood tests his kidney’s were being damaged. We were told to try a prescription diet designed for Kidney problems but unfortunately it began to affect his skin because it is full of grains and he became miserable and itchy.

We had to decide at this stage what was more important. And it was decided to put him back on his Wellness for his comfort. In addition about a week and a half ago he was showing signs of distress and when I brought him in it was determined his lungs sounded full in places so we had to up his Lasix. He seems to be feeling alright now and has a follow up appointment on Monday. He is such a good boy. I have been volunteering for many years and he is hands down one of the nicest dogs I have ever had with me. It’s so sad. I am so hoping he makes it to warm weather because I live in the country where there is so much for him to see and explore and I know he’ll just love it.

Unfortunately, Gizmo will have ongoing medical bills and require a special diet.

 Here is a link to Gizmo’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.