Be a Virtual Foster to Pebbles


At 7 or 8 years old, Pebbles’ owner passed away and she was left alone for quite some time in the house all by herself. She was cared for by her neighbors who came and fed her everyday until the house was foreclosed on. They took her home and contacted Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue who took her into rescue. Pebbles was beyond afraid – she was afraid of everything and very untrusting. Once in NEBTR, Pebbles was placed in a foster home but her fear of people was so great that she did not come out of her cage for 5 days. Eventually, with the help of a trainer, Pebbles came out of her crate but was afraid of dogs, people (especially men), the wind, a bowl – anything she wasn’t used to. She had to be separated from everything because the world was just too scary for her. In her foster home, while she made great strides (was able to sit next to the foster Mom, pee in the yard, eat out of a bowl) these normal behaviors took 5 months to achieve and only by being sequestered from the rest of the household. She had to be moved b/c she was taking up the living room in the foster home and it was too much for the foster home to live that way; she could not be moved. She was even put on drugs to calm her, but her fear was too great. Although she was a different dog than the one that arrived –  the foster home thought if she had more space or a room that was quietly away from the rest of the household, she could possibly make even better progress.

The decision was made to move her to a home where she could have her own room and be away from the other people and dogs in the house. It was a scary journey for her to be moved after she had made some progress; but it had to be done. As it turned out, this was just the thing for Pebbles – she shared a whole set of rooms, off of the main house with a cat. This cat became her very best friend. Through patience and consistency, soft music and oils (plus the cat!) Pebbles became less frightened and once again started to make strides in allowing humans to approach her. But it’s a day by day occurrence with much patience and love and slow slow slow introductions.  Eventually, her best human friend became the man of the house – he slept on the couch in her dog room for weeks until she started to trust and love him – they are growing their relationship everyday. The foster home is hoping to get her acclimated with the other dogs, but this is a slow process.

It is clear that Pebbles can really never be adopted so the foster home decided to keep her and make her a Virtual Foster. She shares Lucy’s Virtual Foster page and wants to tell the world about how dogs, that have this kind of fear, can eventually be handled and loved using lots of time and patience.

She is a very sweet little girl who wants nothing more then love and affection but is so very fearful to just allow that to happen. But she has her best friend, kitty, who is helping her progress as well as her foster sister Lucy. Without the foster homes, who are willing to take the time and expensive to allow dogs like Pebbles to live a comfortable life, she would have no chance in this world. Won’t you consider sponsoring Pebbles to help the family offset the costs of her care?

(Pebbles is the all white BT.)