Be a Virtual Foster to Rhondie


Rhondie came to us in late May, a four year old breeder whose nipples were swollen by the many frequent litters she bore. Skittish and completely ignorant of what it is to be a pet, Rhondie has been a quick learner – but has far to go. She came to us from a breeder in Florida, and never knew a day out in the sweltering heat. She also never knew how it felt to have a leash fastened to her collar. She had never been offered a treat. She had no social skills whatsoever, and has literally learned how to be a dog by watching our resident dogs.
Rhondie arrived in a crate and was fearful to venture out. It was her safe haven for many weeks. Even after she understood that being outside the crate could be wonderful, she still retreated within and covered her head with the blanket she’d brought with her. She arrived wearing a harness. A leash was attached to it. Not only did it turn out that this girl was so fearful that she chose to “bite” and bite often, We determined she was also visually impaired.

She was adopted and sent back.  Trust continues to be an issue for Rhondie. She was downright fearful of my husband, and men in general. We learned almost immediately that neither of us should touch her hind legs -or as I called it, ‘below the waist’. Everyday is a learning experience and we invite everyone to share in this experience. We eventually realized that since we had learned how to deal with her issues that there was no sense in trying to get her adopted only having to have her come back; so we decided to let her live her life out here. She is loved; come like Rhondie’s page and become a Guardian or Angel sponsor.

You can view her Facebook page here.