Be a Virtual Foster to Patti or in Memory of Walter White

patti and Walter

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Walter White came to NEBTR on March 23, 2015, on his 10th birthday.

NEBTR was contacted by an animal shelter in Massachusetts. Walter White ( originally called Buster Brown) had 2 choices, either NEBTR could rescue him, or he would be put down. He was deemed “unadoptable”, at 10 years old. He was also surrendered on his 10th birthday!

WW is a chocolate and white male Boston Terrier. He was surrendered due to his owner’s ill health. He is good with kids and friendly with strangers.There is no history of possession aggression. No history of biting or snapping at anyone with a bubbly and friendly personality. Foster mom says that he is affectionate, cooperative, and gives lots of love. He loves stuffed squeaky toys. He is most happy when he is getting attention. In short, he is a love bug and a happy dog.
When we did his medical intake we found out that Walter has a significant heart murmur that will entail him to be on heart meds for the rest of his life. He also has dental disease and some lumps on his body. His medical is the reason he is not a dog we can place up for adoption. His foster mom knew that there was no way we could place him, so she accepted him as her forever foster. He has a stage 5 heart murmur. While he is not actively in congestive heart failure (CHF), we are unable to determine when he will go onto CHF. Walter is a loved and cherished forever foster with his mom, Amanda. His medical bills are very high and by virtually fostering Walter, you help offset the cost of his meds.
Patti came to NEBTR on July 15, 2015. She was surrendered to the local humane society because she had nipped at a child that was pulling her ears; this labeled Patti as dog aggressive at the local animal shelter. Because of her age (13 years young) the shelter thought she had a better chance with NEBTR.
She has bilateral cataracts and a stage 2 heart murmur. Her heart condition requires her to have a blood check and exam every 6 months to ensure she’s healthy. Also, she gets hip and joint pills, cardio pills, and ache and pain pills on a daily basis to keep her healthy. Between her aggressive behavior record and her health, let’s face it, she will stay in foster care and live out her life with her family and fur brothers and sisters.
Once her foster mom made slow introductions with her and the other resident dogs, we quickly learned that Patti is not dog aggressive, but rather has a dominant personality. She likes to be queen and ruler of her pack. What was showing as an aggressive personality at the shelter turned into a dominant but loving personality when in her new home. Her foster mom quickly realized that staying in her foster home permanently would be the best option for her, because of her age, health problems, personality and behavior record.
Patti has now formed her way into her pack at home, which consists of a pitbull and 4 other Boston Terriers. One of those happen to be Walter White, her fur brother who also is a Virtual Foster. Walter White is a virtual foster because he has a heart condition too, he has congenital heart with makes him dependent on medicine for the rest of his life. Patti loves to play loud and rough with Walter, but always has a loving manner. You would never expect her to be 13 years old. She still loves her toys, bones, running around outside, and wrestling with her fur siblings. She will be loved forever, sharing a Facebook page with her brother, Walter White, for the rest of their days. Please consider being a Virtual Foster sponsor for both Walter and Patti.