Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Zoey

Zoey was pulled from the humane society by NEBTR in September of 2015.  She was 12 yrs young and an old soul, a dog that needs love in the last years of her life. She is deaf, blind and incontinent. She is very much loved by her foster family.

She was surrendered because she was having accidents in the house; her owner was going through a divorce and couldn’t handle her and her “issues”.  We found out right away that she was completely deaf.  Zoey adjusted quickly to the changes that  occurred in her old age life, you might call it “senior wisdom”. After her family surrendered her, she came to live with a foster family and their dogs and cats. She got along fine with everyone, adapted to the household routine, and made new friends.

Sweet Zoey is completely deaf, so she don’t really respond if you call her by name. She is clever! She has learned basic hand signals, knows to go to the door when nature calls (sometimes), and knows where her crate is when it’s time for her to sleep.

Although she was previously up for adoption, it has been determined that her health is declining and therefore will remain in foster care for the remainder of her life. Her eyesight is rapidly degenerating for reasons that the doctor has not figured out yet.  She has a very active bladder and is unable to make it outside about 50% of the time.  Her back legs appear to have weakness/pain that comes and goes.  She sleeps a lot when they bother her. She is fed a special diet and lovingly cared for. She is otherwise a very sweet dog that just enjoys a comfy bed and a hoof to chew on.

She will become one of our virtual fosters so that anyone who wants to adopt her, can adopt her virtually through out virtual foster program. Please consider sponsoring Zoey to help the foster family ensure she gets all she needs until God decides he wants another Angel – but that time is not now.

You can view her Facebook page here.