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Be a Virtual Foster on Memory of Ella


Ella was a stray that NEBTR rescued from a Nassau county shelter on Long Island. NEBTR pulled her on 1/13/2016 and although we were sent pictures, we were not prepared for the shape she was in on that cold January day.

Her skin was bloody, raw and oozing with large patches of missing hair. She had very little muscle tone and it took all she had to walk up one step. We just could not imagine what had happened to this poor girl. We could not even put a harness or collaron, the thought of even trying to pick her up sent shivers up my spine. She was a mess.

To our surprise she was diagnosed with untreated Cushing’s! We started treatment with the Holistic Vet and she began to slowly improve, but has a host of issues that will always need to be carefully monitored and watched. This little lady also sees an acupuncturist!

Ella will continue to always have a need for medical attention and prescription drugs for the rest of her life so we have made her a virtual foster. With your help and support, you can support the foster family in her care to keep her happy and healthy.

Ella’s struggle is real and changes daily. She sleeps a lot, tires easily and requires close monitoring. The littlest behavior change, loss of appetite or interest can mean that something is brewing.

She is extremely loved and well cared for in her foster home. Please consider becoming a Virtual Guardian and Angel sponsor.

Thank You!