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Be a Virtual Foster In Memory of Senior Fena

How can you not fall in love with a sweet, loving golden girl like me! I will stick with you like Velcro cause I love people soooo much! I would would love to sleep under the covers with you at night, but I’ll happily sleep on my own little bed (under my covers, of course.) I like going for walks and have yet to turn down a yummy meal! I still love to chew on hooves, bully sticks and marrow bones, though I have lost a few teeth over the years.

Fena came into foster care when her world was turned upside down when her elderly owner died.  She is spending the rest of her days as a forever foster with Vicki Rowe.

If you would like to buy her a treat, she would love something from her Wish List.

 Here is a link to Fena’s Facebook Page where you can read all about her and if you are her Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with her and her Foster Mom.

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