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Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Lucy

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Meet our New Virtual Foster LUCY
Lucy came into foster on 8/30/2014 from a back yard breeder. She was in rough shape and we were told she was 9 years old (however she was really 3). She had pyometra (infection in the uterus) as well as several mammary masses which unfortunately were cancerous. 
There were so many masses that the opinion was to remove all Lucy’s mammary glands.  After lots of thought, the foster family decided not to do that as it would be to much for her after everything she had all ready gone through. They decided to look into Homeopathic Medication and although the foster family had never tried this before, they thought it was worth a try. They just could not put Lucy through all that invasive surgery. 
Unfortunately she will never be adoptable due to her medical issues but that doesn’t matter, she is a forever virtual foster and she is cherished by her foster family. She is being brought back to health through holistic medicine and you can read all about in her BIO on her Facebook page. You can read all about her remedies, her natural food diet and ban against all chemicals and be a part of her family, virtually. So far, little Lucy is comfortable and doing very well. 
If you would like to send her something from her wish-list, you can find it here;