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Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Maxy Moo


Max (Maxy Moo) arrived 12/30/13 and was an owner surrender. We were told he was 12. His owner was getting evicted and a family member contacted us with an urgent request to take Max asap. Max had not had much vet care and in February we found out he was actually 14 years old. When he was received, he was severely neglected: nails turning under, underweight, infected ears, a mouth full of rotten teeth, high anxiety and he was not neutered.

Once he found his foster mom (forever Mom as he was too old and in poor health to be adopted) he started responding well to the antibiotics for his ear infections and to the coconut oil that was soothing his skin and preparing it for the regrowth of hair. In 2 months, she had his skin now pink and warm where once it had been bright red, cracked, sore and ice cold. Maxy still has chronic skin issues that are likely due to an auto immune disorder so he wears a cozy sweater at all times to stay protected.

His tongue hangs out and Maxy is hand fed home cooked meatloaf. Foster mom Jerrilyn started to see a sparkle in his eye and his ears went back up.

During his first few weeks in foster care, Maxy would cry constantly. Once he had a full dental and was neutered, he was given daily chamomile tea, Rescue Remedy and a Thunder Shirt. Foster Mama would play Bach for him and slowly he began to settle and his anxiety subsided.

Maxy Moo has shown a real will to live! Especially once his foster mom started making him feel comfortable. He enjoys wrapping himself up in blankies like a burrito and trotting around the yard in the summertime. He sits for treats, cries at the door when he wants to go out and loves going for car rides. He is still a crusty old man who enjoys nipping strangers but he is cute as can be, and loving life in his foster home, at 15 years old.


Here is a link to Maxy Moo’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.