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Be a Virtual Foster to in Memory of Senior Skittles

Skittles came to NEBTR with an immune disease and vomiting blood. Skittles has a condition called Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia–where the immune system attacks platelets in the blood.

She had been on so much medication that her poor liver suffered. She is being fostered by Linda Antonelli, who specializes in immune diseases and starts with the food and nourishment of the dog.

Skittles is making small improvements in her health but still has a long way to go.  Although we know that Skittle is not anemic, there’s a whole lot we do not know and her blood tests are trying to tell us; we know her liver levels are extremely high.  Skittles will continue to work with Linda and her vet to reduce Skittles medications and boost her immune system which will hopefully bring her liver levels back inline and reduce other internal problems due to all her medications.

We will not know exactly what is wrong with her until we can decrease some of the medications she has been on and put her liver back on control.Through all her health issues Skittles is a sweet girl who enjoy cuddles and soaking up the sun.  She is getting a little stronger every day but is not out of the woods yet.  This little 9 year old girl is a fighter and we are all hoping she continues to make improvements.


 Here is a link to Skittles’ Facebook Page where you can read all about her and if you are herGuardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with her and her Foster Mom.