One Time Donation Partner (Guardian)

With your one-time donation of  $50.00 or more, you will be invited to your foster’s home page for updates and information. Your name will be listed as a Guardian Partner on our site and you will receive a special graphic made for Guardians by Walter Williams.


Emmett Confort – BAM-BAM AND GIZMO

Francisco Coppola – BAM-BAM AND GIZMO

Wendy Lienhart – LUCY
I am hoping that this gift could go towards helping Lucy.  This gift is also in honor of the 11th birthday of our good Boston friend Keegan.

Chad Hayward – PANGYA
Chad and his wife Hillary have a wonderful senior Boston that they adopted, so the cause is dear to his heart.  They are happy to be helping out a Boston in need.

 Lori Shaffer SchrimpFENA

Donna Fordyce – PANGYA
Thank you off taking such great care of this little angel . Hugs. Donna

Maria Rodriguez –  BUSTER
A gift from Junior our Bostie

Sara Puskar – DODGER

Dawn Rodriguez – DOBBY
I follow Dobby on Facebook and Instagram.. He is so lucky to have such a loving Foster Mom. His posts brighten my everyday.

Walter Williams – MOLLY

Walter Williams – DODGER

Jodi was the foster momma to my recently passed baby, who died right after Christmas.  This gift is in memory of Ellie.

Walter Williams – CHICA AND MOLLY

The Friedmans – CHICA AND MOLLY

Rhea Henderson – CHICA AND MOLLY


Patty Cakes – CHICA
Patty-Cakes makes a donation from heaven….hoping you get to the doctor to help you feel more comfortable…I know how you must feel. xxoo

Stacie Kyle – CHICA
Get well sweet Chica

Jean Lamantia – CHICA

David LaMacchia – CHICA
Thank you for taking care of our former foster, Chica. we hope she gets the care she needs and starts to feel better soon.

Shawna Merritt and Corey Welling – CHICA and MOLLY

Melissa Mintz – GIZMO
This is for the sweet puppy Gizmo. We got our Sumo from NEBTR 4 years ago and he is the best Boston

Karine Beverst – BUSTER
Thank you for taking care of Buster and giving him so much love.

Lauri del Commune – GIZMO

Stacie Kyke – PANGYA

Mary Seifert – PANGYA
Pangya reminds me of two Bostons I had in my life. I had one as a child, and then my mother adopted 2 after all us children left home after our childhood Boston passed on. Unfortunately one of them suffered epilepsy and passed away. Her 2nd BT was wonderful company for her. When my mother was put in Hospice we brought her dog Casey to say goodbye. It meant so much to her. We found a good home for him after she passed 14 years ago this August.

Connie Gottlieb – GIZMO
Thank you for giving this beautiful senior a good and happy life. He is such a sweet boy.

Kathy and Daniel Molloy – GIZMO
Give Gizmo a big hug and kiss from me, and please let me know if he needs anything else. I’ll try to help whenever I can. And thank you for loving and caring for this beautiful little guy

Jessica Cota – FENA
Fena is SO CUTE. Thanks for taking care of her- you are awesome!

Bryan and Karey Jones – GIZMO
Best wishes to Gizmo!! My husband and I were nominated for the ALS ice bucket challenge, but since we love our two Bostons more than we love most people, we’d like to help make Gizmo’s last days a little more comfy and alleviate some of the financial burden for you!Love, Bryan, Karey, our baby girl Paige and our two Bostons: Bandit and Jaeger

Linnea McAfoose – SKITTLES
I love all these guys but decided since it didn’t appear that Skittles had anyone I would sponsor her. I have 2 rescued Bostons of my own and my girls and I adore them. Thanks for all you do.

Mary Weinberg – SKITTLES
Heaven has a special place for these littlest angels and the wonderful people like you who care for them. It is an honor to sponsor Skittles.

Sara Molander – DOBBY
This foster gift is in the name of a very nice NH girl named Sara Molander on the occasion of her birthday. Sara LOVES Bosties and would like to have one herself. We hope that this gift will be close to her heart. Sara works for a non-profit that helps people with various disabilities, so “fostering” Dobby fits right in. Hope Dobby likes the treats he gets!! — From Marina Markot

Erika Korowin – FENA
Fena looks like such a sweet lady! I was planning on looking for a Boston rescue but unfortunately my condo association doesn’t allow pets. The NEBTR virtual foster seems like a great program and I’m happy to participate. Is there a way I can send a toy or treat (or two) to Fena for the holidays?

Walter Williams – IN MEMORY OF DOBBY
Dobby was a beautiful Boston.

Walter Williams – SKITTLES
Thanks to Linda Antonelli.

Luz Burkhart – FENA
Love you Fena.

As the owner of two beautiful Bostons in Sydney Australia we follow the work of NEBTR on facebook and at Christmas time we would love to help a boston that is not so lucky… Merry Christmas Dobby’s family and lots of love from Dexter and Lola down under xxx

Renee Pawlik – SKITTLES
We have 2 Bostie girls, Roxy, 8 yrs. and Zoe, 5 yrs. Hope this helps with Skittles medical costs, she is a doll. God Bless you, Linda.

Sara McCormick on behalf of Sonia Alonso Paczkowski – SKITTLES

The Pellicciari Family – MOLLY

Maria Rodriguez –  IN MEMORY OF BUSTER

Tara Buonanno – FENA
I have a 9 year old Boston girl named Lily that I adopted a few years ago. I have always wanted to foster, but Lily needs to be the only dog in the house because she is aggressive towards other dogs. Fena reminds me of Lily so much they look a lot alike and from reading her bio they have similar personalities.  I was so happy to see this virtual foster program because now I feel like I can help and follow a specific dog. I did a one-time donation but I may be able to switch to a monthly donation after my wedding this summer. I look forward to seeing updates on her on facebook 🙂

Maria del Pilar Rodriguez – MAXY MOO
Thanks for taking care of Maxi, he looks really sweet.

Tara Buonanno – MOLLY

Kimberly Alexander – ZOEY

Bobby DeMaria – ZOEY
Donation is in memory of my best friend Prince.  He lived to 17 years! He loved to play ball and make a nest of his blanket.  He had a heart condition but always loved to play.

Lakesha Hake – LUCY

Chet Leppert – SKITTLES

Kristen Frizzell – MOLLY

Charolette Higdon – GIZMO

Susanne Hocking –  SKITTLES

Micheline Day – PANGYA

Everette McCombie –  LUCY

Aracely Bumgarner –  ZOEY

Byron Allum – ZOEY

August Laver – LUCY

Susanne Coffill – ZOEY

Enriquetta Hayter – LUCY

Hannelore Mock – LUCY

Robert DeMaria – ZOEY

Billy Benitez – ZOEY

Burton Trowbridge – WALTER WHITE AND PATTI

Carmen Gopinko – ZOEY

Pedro Bauman – GIZMO




Jolene Gendron – ZOEY

Walter Williams – MAXY MOO

Walter Williams – GIZMO


Walter Williams – LUCY


Walter Williams – IN MEMORY OF BUSTER

Walter Williams – ZOEY

Christine Holder – LUCY

Berry Galvez – LUCY

Mervin Bunton – ZOEY

Dwayne Rosenthal – LUCY

Minda Du Cane – ZOEY

Walter WIlliams – PANGYA and FENA

Felipa Dial – GIZMO

Keri Collick – LUCY

Walter Williams – ELLA

Paul Hoffmann – GIZMO

Collette Lapham – ELLA

Clara Willingham – RHONDIE

Christine and John Bruno – ELLA

Gretchen Topping – ELLA

Rachael Kuchler – MILO

Ana Paula de Almeida Engebakken – MILO
It breaks my heart to see Milo so sick. I hope he feels better soon ❤️

Janine Colyer – ELLA
Ella, thanks for opening your home to Marzipan. I hope you become buddies!

Ana Paula de Almeida Engebakken – ELLA
I hope Ella gets better real soon.
Love, Ana Paula ❤️

Morrone Family – GIZMO
Early this year our 13yo Boston also named Gizmo passed away. She too had CHF. Yesterday would have been her 14th birthday! Our family knows exactly how much hard work and money it takes to keep a dog ailing from CHF going and we are honored to be able to help another Gizmo in the world live a little more comfortably for a little longer in our sweet Gizmo’s name.

Curtis Holguin – TWISTER

Kendra Stretton – LUCY

Jason Anderson – TWISTER
As Twister is a permanent foster, we are pleased to be able to support him and his ongoing care.

Stephanie Schneider – SINCLAIR
Love the little dude!! Kissies, kissies and more kissies

Dorette Lyons – ELLA
My 3.5 Bostons & I would like to make a contribution to this home town girl

Barbara Search – ELLA
You are to be commended for the love and dedication you give to Ella.