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Be a Virtual Foster to Bam-Bam and Gizmo

Bam-Bam and Gizmo are a father and son who came to NEBTR in September of 2018.  They had been living in a one room efficiency apartment in deplorable conditions.  The 10 and 8 year old dogs had rarely left the apartment and came with urine and chemical burns on their feet from soaked peepee pads and cleaning chemicals.  They could barely walk.  They were malnourished and fed a diet of only whatever fast food the owner was eating that day.

After an initial veterinarian visit, Gizmo was referred to a Cardiac specialist.  He was diagnosed with CVD (Chronic Valve Disease) and Severe Subaortic Stenosis.  He will be required to be on heart medication the rest of his life and monitored frequently.

Bam-Bam and Gizmo are a bonded pair, which means their emotional and perhaps mental health would suffer if they were separated.  Therefore, both dogs will stay fosters with NEBTR.

You can visit his Facebook page here.

Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Dakota

Dakota  had quite a journey. He was originally surrendered to NEBTR when he was attacked by a dog in his first home. Since he had severe vision loss from cataracts, it was difficult for him to manage his way around other dogs. There’s a little part of his ear missing and a slight droop to the left side of his face, but his spirit wasn’t damaged at all. NEBTR found a great home for him for the next 5 years until his owner went into a nursing home, and the owner’s family took him in. Although they promised to care for him, he ended up at a shelter shortly after, blind and 10 years old.

Another rescue pulled him by the time NEBTR had tracked him down, and two wonderful volunteers each took a turn housing and transporting him to his final foster destination. He was introduced slowly, and learned his way around the house one room at a time, and was walked in the fenced in yard until he was able to find his way back to the door. He gets along well with his new fur siblings, as they are all around retirement age. He is especially fond of his 14yr old sister, and often takes naps and cuddles with her.

Since he came into rescue, he’s also had some weakness in his back legs. It was slight at first, like his front legs knew where they wanted to go but the back ones weren’t sure. But he’s slowing down, and it takes him awhile to get his legs working in the morning. He’s also starting to turn his right back paw under some times, and his stance is lower in the back. He can’t be left unsupervised at all because of his unsteadiness, unless he’s confined to a single room with several pillows and beds on the floor. He goes potty outside if taken often enough, but he has to pee more often now and sometimes he doesn’t know he’s doing it.

His cataracts have caused some issues with his eyes, and he was under the treatment of an ophthalmologist for 6 months, trying to save his right eye. The lens tilted forward, and the cataract was leaking inside his eye. It became so fragile that even the daily routine of medicines couldn’t help anymore. Although he was a trooper through all of it, he ended up losing the eye.

His foster home doesn’t mind the accidents, or using diapers or maybe getting wheels for him, as he’s the sweetest old man ever. Whatever needs done to keep him happy. He had a dental recently and lost some weight, so foster mom has been cooking rice and other treats for him to keep the pounds on. NEBTR has put in a lot into his medical costs, and this wonderful old soul would be lost without their support. He likely needs a chiropractor or acupuncture to care for the narrowing of his spine that’s causing the accidents and weakness in his hind legs. His little back is arching and his body is struggling to keep up with his mind.

His eye healed very well and he doesn’t scratch at it, so he got his cone off early and gets a little facial each morning with a warm cloth (he loves it). He also sleeps in mom’s bed every night, and doesn’t even snore. His nose is probably 10x better than a bloodhound’s when there are treats around, and he loves his snacks. When he wakes up in the morning, he can’t wait to give kisses and play. He barks until he gets his little stuffie toy and his breakfast, then takes a nap. His tiny pointy bump of a tail still wags each day, and we know he’s happy.


Be a Virtual Foster to Sinclair

Sinclair came in 11/10/17 from a shelter where he was found as a stray. They estimated him to be about 9 years old and detected a heart murmur, some eye issues, and he was vomiting so they reached out to NEBTR to take him in.  They said he was very scared so I wasn’t sure what to expect but he was sweet with us. He was very thin, coughing, and would throw up his food when eating. We started dividing his meals into 3 or more portions and giving him them one at a time so it would go down and that worked. At my vet he was diagnosed with a grade 4 heart murmur. Xrays showed he has a very enlarged heart with some fluid which causes the coughing. He was diagnosed with left sided congestive heart failure. Also confirmed glaucoma in his right eye. He was prescribed drops for his eye that he is given twice a day and Lasix and Enalapril for his heart also twice a day. His cough improved and we went for rechecks every few weeks at the vet to check his eye and heart. Recently he was coughing more and wheezy. At a recheck the vet added a third medicine Vetmedin twice a day to improve heart function. This seems to have helped. Sinclair has had a few seizures in the past couple months.  They are mild so we were not sure what was happening at first.  I was able to video one and the vet confirmed it was a seizure. At this time we are just keeping track of them. We have to watch his activity as he can tire easy from his heart condition but he still loves to play. He gets along great with my 2 dogs and cats. He is a licker and gives everyone kisses, especially my Boston and cats! He is very sweet and will give us hugs too. He is a happy guy and we will keep it that way as long as possible!

– Leslie Kaucic, Foster Mom

Be a Virtual Foster to Pebbles


At 7 or 8 years old, Pebbles’ owner passed away and she was left alone for quite some time in the house all by herself. She was cared for by her neighbors who came and fed her everyday until the house was foreclosed on. They took her home and contacted Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue who took her into rescue. Pebbles was beyond afraid – she was afraid of everything and very untrusting. Once in NEBTR, Pebbles was placed in a foster home but her fear of people was so great that she did not come out of her cage for 5 days. Eventually, with the help of a trainer, Pebbles came out of her crate but was afraid of dogs, people (especially men), the wind, a bowl – anything she wasn’t used to. She had to be separated from everything because the world was just too scary for her. In her foster home, while she made great strides (was able to sit next to the foster Mom, pee in the yard, eat out of a bowl) these normal behaviors took 5 months to achieve and only by being sequestered from the rest of the household. She had to be moved b/c she was taking up the living room in the foster home and it was too much for the foster home to live that way; she could not be moved. She was even put on drugs to calm her, but her fear was too great. Although she was a different dog than the one that arrived –  the foster home thought if she had more space or a room that was quietly away from the rest of the household, she could possibly make even better progress.

The decision was made to move her to a home where she could have her own room and be away from the other people and dogs in the house. It was a scary journey for her to be moved after she had made some progress; but it had to be done. As it turned out, this was just the thing for Pebbles – she shared a whole set of rooms, off of the main house with a cat. This cat became her very best friend. Through patience and consistency, soft music and oils (plus the cat!) Pebbles became less frightened and once again started to make strides in allowing humans to approach her. But it’s a day by day occurrence with much patience and love and slow slow slow introductions.  Eventually, her best human friend became the man of the house – he slept on the couch in her dog room for weeks until she started to trust and love him – they are growing their relationship everyday. The foster home is hoping to get her acclimated with the other dogs, but this is a slow process.

It is clear that Pebbles can really never be adopted so the foster home decided to keep her and make her a Virtual Foster. She shares Lucy’s Virtual Foster page and wants to tell the world about how dogs, that have this kind of fear, can eventually be handled and loved using lots of time and patience.

She is a very sweet little girl who wants nothing more then love and affection but is so very fearful to just allow that to happen. But she has her best friend, kitty, who is helping her progress as well as her foster sister Lucy. Without the foster homes, who are willing to take the time and expensive to allow dogs like Pebbles to live a comfortable life, she would have no chance in this world. Won’t you consider sponsoring Pebbles to help the family offset the costs of her care?

(Pebbles is the all white BT.)

Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Twister

Twister arrived to NEBTR on 4/18/16; He is a 9 yo male that was found stray and ended up at the Kanawha Humane Society in Charleston West VA. He was said to be sweet and loving to all, mellow, neutered, UTD and very thin with some skin/fur issues. But he actually is much sicker with neurological issues that will make him a permanent foster as he is not adoptable.

When he arrived to his foster home, he was skinny, had fleas, worms in his stool, and some hair loss on his back end.  We also noticed his very sedate personality and bad teeth. He was very mellow and non reactive but would pace around.

Although the shelter estimated him to be 9 yrs old, we think he is much older, or just in very poor shape. He was very picky about what he would eat so it took some trial and error. The fleas were quickly cleared up with meds and hair started growing back. Next, we wanted to get his teeth taken care of. He had blood work which was ok but they noticed a very slow heart rate so anesthesia was a concern. He had an chest xray, ECG and test done which concluded a slow heart rate due to vagal tone.

He continued his pacing and distant behavior. One day he was not well, very out of it, would not eat and losing balance. His ear was draining fluid and seemed to bother him. We made a trip to the ER which is also a specialty center in Pittsburgh. By that time he perked up but they noted his odd behavior as he paced around the room. They suspected something intra cranial and referred us to neurology.

He had a consult with the neurologist who observed him and did some physical tests. He concluded that he has dull mentation and most likely has a brain tumor or had brain damage at some point in his life. It’s so hard with no history.  For diagnosis he would need an MRI which we decided against.

We tried another round of antibiotics and steroids to see if he would respond.  We did see some changes which is not really a good sign because tumors can respond to steroids. He had a follow up with the neurologist where he observed the same behaviors. We collectively decided that Twister should remain  as a permanent foster.

He will only eat certain things like slow cooked  chicken and burgers and continues to lose weight. He recently stopped drinking from a water bowl. He will go stand over it then walk away so we have been giving him water with a syringe which he willingly licks. He has his good and bad days. He is an adorable sweet old man. I hope to make him comfortable for as long as possible.

In the meantime – he has and will incur medical expenses – but we will continue to support him because he needs a chance at living the rest of his life in peace, comfort and love.





Be a Virtual Foster to Rhondie


Rhondie came to us in late May, a four year old breeder whose nipples were swollen by the many frequent litters she bore. Skittish and completely ignorant of what it is to be a pet, Rhondie has been a quick learner – but has far to go. She came to us from a breeder in Florida, and never knew a day out in the sweltering heat. She also never knew how it felt to have a leash fastened to her collar. She had never been offered a treat. She had no social skills whatsoever, and has literally learned how to be a dog by watching our resident dogs.
Rhondie arrived in a crate and was fearful to venture out. It was her safe haven for many weeks. Even after she understood that being outside the crate could be wonderful, she still retreated within and covered her head with the blanket she’d brought with her. She arrived wearing a harness. A leash was attached to it. Not only did it turn out that this girl was so fearful that she chose to “bite” and bite often, We determined she was also visually impaired.

She was adopted and sent back.  Trust continues to be an issue for Rhondie. She was downright fearful of my husband, and men in general. We learned almost immediately that neither of us should touch her hind legs -or as I called it, ‘below the waist’. Everyday is a learning experience and we invite everyone to share in this experience. We eventually realized that since we had learned how to deal with her issues that there was no sense in trying to get her adopted only having to have her come back; so we decided to let her live her life out here. She is loved; come like Rhondie’s page and become a Guardian or Angel sponsor.

You can view her Facebook page here.





Be a Virtual Foster on Memory of Ella


Ella was a stray that NEBTR rescued from a Nassau county shelter on Long Island. NEBTR pulled her on 1/13/2016 and although we were sent pictures, we were not prepared for the shape she was in on that cold January day.

Her skin was bloody, raw and oozing with large patches of missing hair. She had very little muscle tone and it took all she had to walk up one step. We just could not imagine what had happened to this poor girl. We could not even put a harness or collaron, the thought of even trying to pick her up sent shivers up my spine. She was a mess.

To our surprise she was diagnosed with untreated Cushing’s! We started treatment with the Holistic Vet and she began to slowly improve, but has a host of issues that will always need to be carefully monitored and watched. This little lady also sees an acupuncturist!

Ella will continue to always have a need for medical attention and prescription drugs for the rest of her life so we have made her a virtual foster. With your help and support, you can support the foster family in her care to keep her happy and healthy.

Ella’s struggle is real and changes daily. She sleeps a lot, tires easily and requires close monitoring. The littlest behavior change, loss of appetite or interest can mean that something is brewing.

She is extremely loved and well cared for in her foster home. Please consider becoming a Virtual Guardian and Angel sponsor.

Thank You!

Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Zoey

Zoey was pulled from the humane society by NEBTR in September of 2015.  She was 12 yrs young and an old soul, a dog that needs love in the last years of her life. She is deaf, blind and incontinent. She is very much loved by her foster family.

She was surrendered because she was having accidents in the house; her owner was going through a divorce and couldn’t handle her and her “issues”.  We found out right away that she was completely deaf.  Zoey adjusted quickly to the changes that  occurred in her old age life, you might call it “senior wisdom”. After her family surrendered her, she came to live with a foster family and their dogs and cats. She got along fine with everyone, adapted to the household routine, and made new friends.

Sweet Zoey is completely deaf, so she don’t really respond if you call her by name. She is clever! She has learned basic hand signals, knows to go to the door when nature calls (sometimes), and knows where her crate is when it’s time for her to sleep.

Although she was previously up for adoption, it has been determined that her health is declining and therefore will remain in foster care for the remainder of her life. Her eyesight is rapidly degenerating for reasons that the doctor has not figured out yet.  She has a very active bladder and is unable to make it outside about 50% of the time.  Her back legs appear to have weakness/pain that comes and goes.  She sleeps a lot when they bother her. She is fed a special diet and lovingly cared for. She is otherwise a very sweet dog that just enjoys a comfy bed and a hoof to chew on.

She will become one of our virtual fosters so that anyone who wants to adopt her, can adopt her virtually through out virtual foster program. Please consider sponsoring Zoey to help the foster family ensure she gets all she needs until God decides he wants another Angel – but that time is not now.

You can view her Facebook page here.

Be a Virtual Foster to Patti or in Memory of Walter White

patti and Walter

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Walter White came to NEBTR on March 23, 2015, on his 10th birthday.

NEBTR was contacted by an animal shelter in Massachusetts. Walter White ( originally called Buster Brown) had 2 choices, either NEBTR could rescue him, or he would be put down. He was deemed “unadoptable”, at 10 years old. He was also surrendered on his 10th birthday!

WW is a chocolate and white male Boston Terrier. He was surrendered due to his owner’s ill health. He is good with kids and friendly with strangers.There is no history of possession aggression. No history of biting or snapping at anyone with a bubbly and friendly personality. Foster mom says that he is affectionate, cooperative, and gives lots of love. He loves stuffed squeaky toys. He is most happy when he is getting attention. In short, he is a love bug and a happy dog.
When we did his medical intake we found out that Walter has a significant heart murmur that will entail him to be on heart meds for the rest of his life. He also has dental disease and some lumps on his body. His medical is the reason he is not a dog we can place up for adoption. His foster mom knew that there was no way we could place him, so she accepted him as her forever foster. He has a stage 5 heart murmur. While he is not actively in congestive heart failure (CHF), we are unable to determine when he will go onto CHF. Walter is a loved and cherished forever foster with his mom, Amanda. His medical bills are very high and by virtually fostering Walter, you help offset the cost of his meds.
Patti came to NEBTR on July 15, 2015. She was surrendered to the local humane society because she had nipped at a child that was pulling her ears; this labeled Patti as dog aggressive at the local animal shelter. Because of her age (13 years young) the shelter thought she had a better chance with NEBTR.
She has bilateral cataracts and a stage 2 heart murmur. Her heart condition requires her to have a blood check and exam every 6 months to ensure she’s healthy. Also, she gets hip and joint pills, cardio pills, and ache and pain pills on a daily basis to keep her healthy. Between her aggressive behavior record and her health, let’s face it, she will stay in foster care and live out her life with her family and fur brothers and sisters.
Once her foster mom made slow introductions with her and the other resident dogs, we quickly learned that Patti is not dog aggressive, but rather has a dominant personality. She likes to be queen and ruler of her pack. What was showing as an aggressive personality at the shelter turned into a dominant but loving personality when in her new home. Her foster mom quickly realized that staying in her foster home permanently would be the best option for her, because of her age, health problems, personality and behavior record.
Patti has now formed her way into her pack at home, which consists of a pitbull and 4 other Boston Terriers. One of those happen to be Walter White, her fur brother who also is a Virtual Foster. Walter White is a virtual foster because he has a heart condition too, he has congenital heart with makes him dependent on medicine for the rest of his life. Patti loves to play loud and rough with Walter, but always has a loving manner. You would never expect her to be 13 years old. She still loves her toys, bones, running around outside, and wrestling with her fur siblings. She will be loved forever, sharing a Facebook page with her brother, Walter White, for the rest of their days. Please consider being a Virtual Foster sponsor for both Walter and Patti.


Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Lucy

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Meet our New Virtual Foster LUCY
Lucy came into foster on 8/30/2014 from a back yard breeder. She was in rough shape and we were told she was 9 years old (however she was really 3). She had pyometra (infection in the uterus) as well as several mammary masses which unfortunately were cancerous. 
There were so many masses that the opinion was to remove all Lucy’s mammary glands.  After lots of thought, the foster family decided not to do that as it would be to much for her after everything she had all ready gone through. They decided to look into Homeopathic Medication and although the foster family had never tried this before, they thought it was worth a try. They just could not put Lucy through all that invasive surgery. 
Unfortunately she will never be adoptable due to her medical issues but that doesn’t matter, she is a forever virtual foster and she is cherished by her foster family. She is being brought back to health through holistic medicine and you can read all about in her BIO on her Facebook page. You can read all about her remedies, her natural food diet and ban against all chemicals and be a part of her family, virtually. So far, little Lucy is comfortable and doing very well. 
If you would like to send her something from her wish-list, you can find it here;