Be a Virtual Foster to Rhondie


Rhondie came to us in late May, a four year old breeder whose nipples were swollen by the many frequent litters she bore. Skittish and completely ignorant of what it is to be a pet, Rhondie has been a quick learner – but has far to go. She came to us from a breeder in Florida, and never knew a day out in the sweltering heat. She also never knew how it felt to have a leash fastened to her collar. She had never been offered a treat. She had no social skills whatsoever, and has literally learned how to be a dog by watching our resident dogs.
Rhondie arrived in a crate and was fearful to venture out. It was her safe haven for many weeks. Even after she understood that being outside the crate could be wonderful, she still retreated within and covered her head with the blanket she’d brought with her. She arrived wearing a harness. A leash was attached to it. Not only did it turn out that this girl was so fearful that she chose to “bite” and bite often, We determined she was also visually impaired.

She was adopted and sent back.  Trust continues to be an issue for Rhondie. She was downright fearful of my husband, and men in general. We learned almost immediately that neither of us should touch her hind legs -or as I called it, ‘below the waist’. Everyday is a learning experience and we invite everyone to share in this experience. We eventually realized that since we had learned how to deal with her issues that there was no sense in trying to get her adopted only having to have her come back; so we decided to let her live her life out here. She is loved; come like Rhondie’s page and become a Guardian or Angel sponsor.

You can view her Facebook page here.





Be a Virtual Foster on Memory of Ella


Ella was a stray that NEBTR rescued from a Nassau county shelter on Long Island. NEBTR pulled her on 1/13/2016 and although we were sent pictures, we were not prepared for the shape she was in on that cold January day.

Her skin was bloody, raw and oozing with large patches of missing hair. She had very little muscle tone and it took all she had to walk up one step. We just could not imagine what had happened to this poor girl. We could not even put a harness or collaron, the thought of even trying to pick her up sent shivers up my spine. She was a mess.

To our surprise she was diagnosed with untreated Cushing’s! We started treatment with the Holistic Vet and she began to slowly improve, but has a host of issues that will always need to be carefully monitored and watched. This little lady also sees an acupuncturist!

Ella will continue to always have a need for medical attention and prescription drugs for the rest of her life so we have made her a virtual foster. With your help and support, you can support the foster family in her care to keep her happy and healthy.

Ella’s struggle is real and changes daily. She sleeps a lot, tires easily and requires close monitoring. The littlest behavior change, loss of appetite or interest can mean that something is brewing.

She is extremely loved and well cared for in her foster home. Please consider becoming a Virtual Guardian and Angel sponsor.

Thank You!

Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Zoey

Zoey was pulled from the humane society by NEBTR in September of 2015.  She was 12 yrs young and an old soul, a dog that needs love in the last years of her life. She is deaf, blind and incontinent. She is very much loved by her foster family.

She was surrendered because she was having accidents in the house; her owner was going through a divorce and couldn’t handle her and her “issues”.  We found out right away that she was completely deaf.  Zoey adjusted quickly to the changes that  occurred in her old age life, you might call it “senior wisdom”. After her family surrendered her, she came to live with a foster family and their dogs and cats. She got along fine with everyone, adapted to the household routine, and made new friends.

Sweet Zoey is completely deaf, so she don’t really respond if you call her by name. She is clever! She has learned basic hand signals, knows to go to the door when nature calls (sometimes), and knows where her crate is when it’s time for her to sleep.

Although she was previously up for adoption, it has been determined that her health is declining and therefore will remain in foster care for the remainder of her life. Her eyesight is rapidly degenerating for reasons that the doctor has not figured out yet.  She has a very active bladder and is unable to make it outside about 50% of the time.  Her back legs appear to have weakness/pain that comes and goes.  She sleeps a lot when they bother her. She is fed a special diet and lovingly cared for. She is otherwise a very sweet dog that just enjoys a comfy bed and a hoof to chew on.

She will become one of our virtual fosters so that anyone who wants to adopt her, can adopt her virtually through out virtual foster program. Please consider sponsoring Zoey to help the foster family ensure she gets all she needs until God decides he wants another Angel – but that time is not now.

You can view her Facebook page here.

Be a Virtual Foster to Patti or in Memory of Walter White

patti and Walter

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Walter White came to NEBTR on March 23, 2015, on his 10th birthday.

NEBTR was contacted by an animal shelter in Massachusetts. Walter White ( originally called Buster Brown) had 2 choices, either NEBTR could rescue him, or he would be put down. He was deemed “unadoptable”, at 10 years old. He was also surrendered on his 10th birthday!

WW is a chocolate and white male Boston Terrier. He was surrendered due to his owner’s ill health. He is good with kids and friendly with strangers.There is no history of possession aggression. No history of biting or snapping at anyone with a bubbly and friendly personality. Foster mom says that he is affectionate, cooperative, and gives lots of love. He loves stuffed squeaky toys. He is most happy when he is getting attention. In short, he is a love bug and a happy dog.
When we did his medical intake we found out that Walter has a significant heart murmur that will entail him to be on heart meds for the rest of his life. He also has dental disease and some lumps on his body. His medical is the reason he is not a dog we can place up for adoption. His foster mom knew that there was no way we could place him, so she accepted him as her forever foster. He has a stage 5 heart murmur. While he is not actively in congestive heart failure (CHF), we are unable to determine when he will go onto CHF. Walter is a loved and cherished forever foster with his mom, Amanda. His medical bills are very high and by virtually fostering Walter, you help offset the cost of his meds.
Patti came to NEBTR on July 15, 2015. She was surrendered to the local humane society because she had nipped at a child that was pulling her ears; this labeled Patti as dog aggressive at the local animal shelter. Because of her age (13 years young) the shelter thought she had a better chance with NEBTR.
She has bilateral cataracts and a stage 2 heart murmur. Her heart condition requires her to have a blood check and exam every 6 months to ensure she’s healthy. Also, she gets hip and joint pills, cardio pills, and ache and pain pills on a daily basis to keep her healthy. Between her aggressive behavior record and her health, let’s face it, she will stay in foster care and live out her life with her family and fur brothers and sisters.
Once her foster mom made slow introductions with her and the other resident dogs, we quickly learned that Patti is not dog aggressive, but rather has a dominant personality. She likes to be queen and ruler of her pack. What was showing as an aggressive personality at the shelter turned into a dominant but loving personality when in her new home. Her foster mom quickly realized that staying in her foster home permanently would be the best option for her, because of her age, health problems, personality and behavior record.
Patti has now formed her way into her pack at home, which consists of a pitbull and 4 other Boston Terriers. One of those happen to be Walter White, her fur brother who also is a Virtual Foster. Walter White is a virtual foster because he has a heart condition too, he has congenital heart with makes him dependent on medicine for the rest of his life. Patti loves to play loud and rough with Walter, but always has a loving manner. You would never expect her to be 13 years old. She still loves her toys, bones, running around outside, and wrestling with her fur siblings. She will be loved forever, sharing a Facebook page with her brother, Walter White, for the rest of their days. Please consider being a Virtual Foster sponsor for both Walter and Patti.


Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Maxy Moo


Max (Maxy Moo) arrived 12/30/13 and was an owner surrender. We were told he was 12. His owner was getting evicted and a family member contacted us with an urgent request to take Max asap. Max had not had much vet care and in February we found out he was actually 14 years old. When he was received, he was severely neglected: nails turning under, underweight, infected ears, a mouth full of rotten teeth, high anxiety and he was not neutered.

Once he found his foster mom (forever Mom as he was too old and in poor health to be adopted) he started responding well to the antibiotics for his ear infections and to the coconut oil that was soothing his skin and preparing it for the regrowth of hair. In 2 months, she had his skin now pink and warm where once it had been bright red, cracked, sore and ice cold. Maxy still has chronic skin issues that are likely due to an auto immune disorder so he wears a cozy sweater at all times to stay protected.

His tongue hangs out and Maxy is hand fed home cooked meatloaf. Foster mom Jerrilyn started to see a sparkle in his eye and his ears went back up.

During his first few weeks in foster care, Maxy would cry constantly. Once he had a full dental and was neutered, he was given daily chamomile tea, Rescue Remedy and a Thunder Shirt. Foster Mama would play Bach for him and slowly he began to settle and his anxiety subsided.

Maxy Moo has shown a real will to live! Especially once his foster mom started making him feel comfortable. He enjoys wrapping himself up in blankies like a burrito and trotting around the yard in the summertime. He sits for treats, cries at the door when he wants to go out and loves going for car rides. He is still a crusty old man who enjoys nipping strangers but he is cute as can be, and loving life in his foster home, at 15 years old.


Here is a link to Maxy Moo’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.




Be a Virtual Foster to in Memory of Senior Skittles

Skittles came to NEBTR with an immune disease and vomiting blood. Skittles has a condition called Immune Mediated Thrombocytopenia–where the immune system attacks platelets in the blood.

She had been on so much medication that her poor liver suffered. She is being fostered by Linda Antonelli, who specializes in immune diseases and starts with the food and nourishment of the dog.

Skittles is making small improvements in her health but still has a long way to go.  Although we know that Skittle is not anemic, there’s a whole lot we do not know and her blood tests are trying to tell us; we know her liver levels are extremely high.  Skittles will continue to work with Linda and her vet to reduce Skittles medications and boost her immune system which will hopefully bring her liver levels back inline and reduce other internal problems due to all her medications.

We will not know exactly what is wrong with her until we can decrease some of the medications she has been on and put her liver back on control.Through all her health issues Skittles is a sweet girl who enjoy cuddles and soaking up the sun.  She is getting a little stronger every day but is not out of the woods yet.  This little 9 year old girl is a fighter and we are all hoping she continues to make improvements.


 Here is a link to Skittles’ Facebook Page where you can read all about her and if you are herGuardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with her and her Foster Mom.



Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Senior Buster

Buster was turned into a shelter on his 15th birthday. He was understandably confused and upset. Why had the family who he had loved and been loyal to all his life do this to him? Being blind made things even more difficult for him.

Fortunately for Buster, NEBTR stepped in and he had a wonderful foster mom in Strausie Stephens. She helped him to become pain free and helped him to maneuver around his new surroundings without sight. She gave him tactile clues to help him find his way around the house and yard.

Buster was a very “cool” old soul and his foster mom took him on many journeys, and his last year was his happiest.

Buster, you knew that you were safe and sound, and many thanks to Strausie for loving him.   Below is a beautiful tribute to Buster, by Stacie Kyle.

 Here is a link to Busters Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with  his Foster Mom.

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Be a Virtual Foster in Memory of Senior Gizmo



“It’s been some time since we updated everyone on Gizmo’s condition,  especially his sponsors and folks who visit his page regularly. I think we have been slow to update because it has been very hard for those of us who love him to grasp the seriousness of the situation. Gizmo is a “Fospice” – a foster hospice dog who will live out what time he has left with his foster family. As you know, he has Congestive Heart Failure and 6 months ago, when he was diagnosed, he had skin and ear problems as well. We are happy to say, that due to the special diet that his foster mom feeds him, they have gone away AND drum roll… it has been 6 months that he is still with us since he went into heart failure.

However, there is a fluid in his chest making him cough. He has follow up cardiologist appointment next week and those are expensive and is on 4 meds 2x a day and one of them is $100 a month. He is comfortable for now but I’m not sure how much longer he will have his vet who said she would come to my house when it is “time” so he can be in one of his favorite spots. He’s a strong boy and will still be playful sometimes. I’m hoping he will be with us a while still. ”

 Here is a link to Gizmo’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.


Gizmo is a 9 year old senior with chronic skin and ear infections.  Foster mom Jami Gonyea says that Gizmo is a “very, very good boy!”  And “Despite his tough situation he is an absolute love. Good with everything and everyone- grown- ups, children, dogs, cats, etc.”

He came in with severe yeast and bacterial infections of his ears and skin that took 3 rounds of treatment to clear up. His Mom switched him to Orijen and that has made a tremendous change. He saw a cardiologist in Albany who diagnosed his degenerative valve disease through testing and put him on medication to try to slow the disease process and him going into congestive heart failure. We were told the medication might affect his kidney’s and to follow up with his regular vet for blood work after 2 weeks. When we went to see her she noted that between the 2 appointments he had sadly gone into CHF and added another medication to help with the fluid build up. Then we got a call to tell us that according to the blood tests his kidney’s were being damaged. We were told to try a prescription diet designed for Kidney problems but unfortunately it began to affect his skin because it is full of grains and he became miserable and itchy.

We had to decide at this stage what was more important. And it was decided to put him back on his Wellness for his comfort. In addition about a week and a half ago he was showing signs of distress and when I brought him in it was determined his lungs sounded full in places so we had to up his Lasix. He seems to be feeling alright now and has a follow up appointment on Monday. He is such a good boy. I have been volunteering for many years and he is hands down one of the nicest dogs I have ever had with me. It’s so sad. I am so hoping he makes it to warm weather because I live in the country where there is so much for him to see and explore and I know he’ll just love it.

Unfortunately, Gizmo will have ongoing medical bills and require a special diet.

 Here is a link to Gizmo’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.


Be a Virtual Foster to Pangya

Forever foster Pangya is happily living at Evette and Kim Heinle’s home.  Pangya has inoperable tumors and his life expectancy is limited, but he is being lovingly cared for and every minute is special for him.

Pang, as we call him, is one of our forever fosters. He has masses on his kidneys that are inoperable and will eventually send him into kidney failure…but don’t tell him because he doesn’t know it! Hes a super active happy little boy!

If you would like to buy him a treat, he would love something from his Wish List.

 Here is a link to Pangya’s Facebook Page where you can read all about him and if you are his Guardian or Angel, you will be able to communicate with him and his Foster Mom.

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