CONTACT NEBTR: Please contact the following. Adoption Inquiries and Existing Applicant Liason: If your last name is A-H: Tammy Trivelpiece. If your last name is I-Q: Jeannine Rosolie. If your last name is R-Z: Vicki Cuneo. If you need to surrender a dog, contact Jerrilyn Walter. For all other inquiries and general questions: Joy Riley.

Out and About With NEBTR

Tribute and Memorial Order Form

NEBTR is proud to offer tributes “In honor of…” and “In memory of …” a loved person or beloved canine companion. When you can make a donation to NEBTR in an amount of your choice a tribute card will be sent in acknowledgment to the person and address you designate. You will need to fill out the form below with the information, then you should be directed to a Paypal button to send in your donation.

If for any reason this does not work, please go to and login and make payment to “”

* Required

Adoption Fee Schedule

There is an Adoption fee for a dog and it USUALLY  depends upon age & health/vet care requirements of Rescued dogs.  Adoption fees are in place to defer the veterinary costs for all of the dogs in our care.  All Veterinary records known to NEBTR will accompany each dog upon completed Adoption Agreement, along with a record for services rendered while in our care.  Our adoption fee schedule is as follows:

TBD –  Puppies up to 6 months

$600 –  Puppies 6 months to 2 years

$500 –  2 yrs to 4 yrs

$450 –  5 yrs to 7 yrs

TBD –  Over 8 years based on health & behavior

$650 –  2 dogs placed together (depending on age and health)

Just a Girl and Her Dog

JennLeeBunker sells handmade Boston and Dog things at her Etsy store, such as Frames with Boston Terriers, silk screened prints, Tee shirt, totes, coasters. If you buy from her and mentions NEBTR, she will donate half of the proceeds of the sale to our organization.


Jennifer loves love Creating and she loves her Boston Terrier pooch Casey Double Burga Samich and dedicates many a craft to her. So if you know someone who loves their little Boston Terrier you may find the perfect gift right there. Jennifer notes, “Not everything I craft features my Bubba, though she thinks it should!”

In Honor of Bob Ricca

Thanks so much to Mickie Kennedy for her most generous gift of $500 in honor of Bob Ricca.  Her donation will go to the fund for Tucker’s surgery, and, thanks to people like Mickie, Tucker is doing fabulously well and getting ready to start a new life.

In Memory of Peaches

Peaches found her forever home with Sylvia Roth when she was about 10, and Peaches lived the last five years of her life in Sylvia’s wonderful care.  Sadly, Peaches recently crossed the rainbow bridge, suffering from a tumor behind her eyes.


Peaches was beloved by Sylvia, and Sylvia’s daughter Anna Hays has made a donation to the NEBTR in Peaches’ memory.  What a wonderful tribute to a loyal and loving pair!


Ebay Listings to Benefit NEBTR

If you would like to help the NEBTR, you can sell an item of your own (it does not have to be Boston Terrier related) on Ebay.  NEBTR is a member of Mission Fish, which certifies non-profit organizations on Ebay.  You can donate as little as 10% or as much as 100% of your item’s final sale price.  Here’s how it works.  NEBTR thanks everyone willing to participate in this for their support!

1. Select an item to list. Get some tips on what to sell.
2. Select NEBTR to benefit from the Giving Works database.
3. Create your eBay Giving Works listing.

That’s it! As a thank you, when your listing sells, Ebay will give you a pro-rated credit on your Insertion fee and Final Value fees. And Ebay will make sure that the  NEBTR receives the funds you raised.

New to eBay? Register as an eBay member and start selling on eBay.

For more detailed directions, go here:

Ashley Reid Pet Portraits

Vivienne with Wine Glass

I am a Pittsburgh artist specializing in pet portraits. Please visit my site at or become a fan of my FB page Ashley Beech Reid’s Pet Portraits. Mention NE Boston Terrier Rescue and I will donate 10% of any commission/gift certificate purchase to their rescue effort. I offer a wide variety of sizes/prices to fit any… wall space/budget. Gift certificates are available and make unique gifts for the pet lover in your life.

Special Needs K9 Organization

Headed by NEBTR member Mike Pravec, Special Needs K9 specializes in rescue and aid to special needs dogs and other animals, our purpose and goal does not stop there. They are advocates against mistreatment of any animals, for their well-being and survival. Special Needs K9 finances medical procedures, treatments and purchases equipment that provides aid to disabled or otherwise affected animals. We find foster and forever homes for the ones that are difficult to adopt due to their disabilities. We also hire professionals to train dogs in animal shelters to help with certain behavioral issues that might have developed by being “locked up” in an undesirable environment for long periods of time.

Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY, NJ, PA, CT and DE and serves Boston Terriers in need within reach of our helping hands. Most dogs in foster care for placement are adolescent to adult dogs in need of re-homing in life for a multitude of reasons and will need caring hands to guide them as they transition into new homes. All of our rescue dogs are fostered and evaluated for a 2 week minimum to allow us to assess their personality and provide them with basic foundation skills - House/Crate training, basic manners - to ease their transition into new homes. It is our belief such work in foster care better prepares dogs for success and helps forms lasting bonds.