CONTACT NEBTR: Please contact the following. Adoption Inquiries and Existing Applicant Liason: If your last name is A-H: Tammy Trivelpiece. If your last name is I-Q: Jeannine Rosolie. If your last name is R-Z: Vicki Cuneo. If you need to surrender a dog, contact Jerrilyn Walter. For all other inquiries and general questions: Joy Riley.

Out and About With NEBTR

Thanks to


Rover is a website and app that connects pet parents with pet sitters. Rover’s Sit a Dog, Save a Life lets you raise money for local dogs-in-need by doing something you do already: asking your neighbors to watch your dog instead of leaving them in a kennel.
Many Rover sitters in New York donate a percentage of their earnings to nonprofits
through Sit a Dog, Save a Life. When you book with a sitter who has the Rover
Donation Badge on their profile, you’re helping dogs in need.

When Adopting a Pet From a Rescue

When you adopt a pet from a rescue, please do not have a whole welcoming committee there to greet him when he arrives at your home. Please do not have loads of people dropping by every day to meet the new addition. We’ve had dogs get returned in their first week or two at home for being “aggressive” with friends, neighbors, etc. Wonderful dogs that waited for months and months for a good home have been returned for “snapping at other people”. It is so important to understand that your new pet is going through an enormous adjustment. He has gone from a home, shelter or puppy mill into a foster home, where he most likely has felt safe and loved, maybe for the first time ever. He has bonded with that foster family. He needs time to take it all in and get used to his new surroundings and new family. His “welcome home party” should not be a party, but a low-key introduction to his new home, yard, bed, and the members of the immediate family.


If there are other dogs in the home, they should be kept separate and allowed to get to know each other through a gate for the first week or so before being loose together. Slow, cautious introductions can go a long way towards insuring a happy relationship. The new dog should have a safe place to retreat to for quiet time if he feels a little overwhelmed. He should not be walked around the neighborhood and forced to meet every neighbor and dog that walks by. Please, give him a few weeks or even longer to get used to you and your home. There’s plenty of time to meet everyone else later, after he’s had a chance to get used to your family. Forcing him to meet your friends and extended family is just setting him up to fail, and he deserves much more than that. Thank you.


Adapted from a piece from the facebook page of the Associated Humane Popcorn Park Shelter in Jackson, NJ.

Gold Bone Society


Our heartfelt thanks to those special donors who have joined our “Gold Bone Society” with their gifts to NEBTR of $1000.00 or more.  It is people like you who enable us to help Boston Terriers in need, and who make our success stories possible.

All Gold Bone Society members will receive the beautiful pin pictured above.  Sheryl Trent, NEBTR President writes, “Our Bostons and NEBTR are so grateful for the many supporters we have to continue our work, but there are some, like yourself, who consistently and generously make donations that we would like to honor.  You are a member of our Gold Bone society and we hope you enjoy this pin and wear it with the pride with which we send it.”

    • George and Carol DeRocker and Lenny
    • Irene Siegel
    • Ellen and Lowell Thelin and Turbo
    • Ethan Mason
    • Walter and Marguerite Williams
    • Amy Angelo – donated proceeds from “Bites for Bostons,” Gracie and Angel MomMom
    • Dr. Diane Ford, of Dr. Diane’s Mobile Veterinary Service, PA
    • Dr. John Fedina, of Veterinary Medical Center, Caldwell, NJ
    • Jerrilyn Walter
    • Jeanne Dross and Rosie
    • Cynthia and Craig Musselman
    • Janis Doland
    • Debbie Philpott
    • Loretta and Joe Miner
    • Allentown Animal Clinic, Allentown PA
    • Gail Stone, Stone’s Accounting
    • Madison’s Mission and Betty Ann Manganello
    • Jackie Bushong Martin, Deborah Dolan, Donna Rooney Gaschel
    • Angel Carlson, LuLu and Wally,  and Natura Pet Products
    • Alexandra Calderwood
    • Shawn Goodyear
    • Jeff Valois, For the Love of Boston Photography Project
    • Erin Sullivan and Petco
    • Jusani Culture
    • WagAware
    • Stacie Kyle
    • Sara Puskar
    • Eileen Giltz
    • Ryan Csolak
    • BJ Capelli and Leslie Poprik
    • Christine Cassner
    • Kristy Ieraci Hartman
    • Debbi Cochran of the Mona Pants Foundation
    • Jennifer Hartline
    • Marilyn Morgan Holzerline
    • Rebecca McIntire
    • Moira and Tony Shortway, Bug’s Black and White Parade
    • Christa Faust, in honor of her Best Boston Buddy Butch
    • Amanda Spence
    • Strausie and Tom Stephens
    • Boston Terrier Lehigh Valley
    • Johnny Ramos
    • Leo’s Helping Paws
    • John A. Gagliardi
    • George Hamway
    • Bethany Vaughn
    • Maureen Kull


John A. Gagliardi was in the vet’s lobby when one of our fosters went in for an appointment.  He struck up a conversation with the foster (Maria).

This man, a stranger to us all, took the bill, a total of over $2,000 and paid it right then and there for NEBTR.  Talk about amazing!



1932449_876511772361679_3259135695973608525_n BJ Capelli and Leslie Poprik, a musician and teacher from Pennsylvania were $250,000 winners in the Wells Fargo What Makes A Home contest! Watch their winning entry here, featuring their Boston Terrier Berklee: .  They made a $3,000 donation to NEBTR from their winnings and we thank them so much for thinking of us.







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Gracie Pickles

mom mom 3 months home











Special Thanks to Lupine Pet


NEBTR thanks Lupine Pet  from New Hampshire.  Our foster pups very often come with nothing – no leash, no collar, no harness.  Lupine Pet has very generously offered to supply our new fosters with beautiful accessories, as pictured above.  They are gorgeous and well made.  You can also check out their store for your own pup.

Foster Moms….if you need leashes, collars, or harnesses, contact Chris Cassner and she will send them out to you.

PLEASE visit the Lupine site and support them, as they supported NEBTR.
They have some cool stuff AND come with a warranty!
Can you imagine?

Make Their Dreams Come True

AmazonWishlistHelp individual NEBTR pups and make their dreams come true by buying a gift from their wish list. Many come to us with nothing, from a shelter or a puppy mill, and they have never known a treat or a soft bed or a toy to play with.

If you would like to give a gift to a particular Boston, they are listed on the left hand column of that page. Just click on the name to be taken to that dog’s list. Your gift will be sent directly to your pup at their foster home by Amazon. It couldn’t be easier!

And don’t forget to start at We get an extra donation that way.



Thanks to Dr. Yasson

NEBTR wants to give a heartfelt THANK YOU to Dr Michele Yasson for conducting a very informative Webinar for our members.  She discussed the importance of good nutrition and the severe reactions our pets suffer from being  over-vaccinated.  Several of NEBTR’s fosters are benefiting from Dr Yasson’s holistic treatment approach to restore health to their bodies.  To learn more about Dr Yasson you can visit her website at We highly recommend her!

Share a Wish Pendant

Each year NEBTR will run a fundraiser with a wish theme.  There will be limited quantities on the items, and always around the beginning of December.

This is our first offering in this event, the .  It’s a hand blown glass globe with wishing seeds inside, your choice of multi colored or natural, and a bead on top that will vary in color.  It hangs from an 18 kt white gold plated chain and has a wishing star that floats along the chain too.

If you would like to purchase a Share A Wish Pendant (limited to 40 pieces) you can view more photos and place an order at this site.

Boston Terrier Site Award

Thanks to, which has awarded NEBTR with the Best Boston Terriers Site of 2015 Award.
Vetary analyzed thousands of sites and cross referenced visit data with top Boston Terriers’ platforms. They found out site to have been a winner with U.S. pet owners over the last 12 months. Vetary awards sites with best-in-class content, visuals, and most importantly, a strong cause and devotion toward Boston Terriers.


Northeast Boston Terrier Rescue (NEBTR) is comprised of volunteers based in NY, NJ, PA, CT and DE and serves Boston Terriers in need within reach of our helping hands. Most dogs in foster care for placement are adolescent to adult dogs in need of re-homing in life for a multitude of reasons and will need caring hands to guide them as they transition into new homes. All of our rescue dogs are fostered and evaluated for a 2 week minimum to allow us to assess their personality and provide them with basic foundation skills - House/Crate training, basic manners - to ease their transition into new homes. It is our belief such work in foster care better prepares dogs for success and helps forms lasting bonds.